“I know exactly what my passion is, and that makes me a lucky guy.”

On a makeshift Brooklyn stage in 1995, pint-sized and nervous, four-year-old Greg Oliveras sang for an audience for the first time. Flanked by his grandfather, Greg sang “You’re a Grand Old Flag” at a nursing home. His love for performance was visible early in his childhood, but little did he know that it would grow to play such a significant role in his life.

At the start of 2002, craving something more than his elementary school trumpet lessons, Greg found himself toying with his older brother’s new guitar – an instrument that felt admittedly cooler and more natural to play. After a few days spying on young Greg and his new interest, his parents surprised him with a guitar of his own.

Throughout middle school in Wilton, CT, Greg tested the waters of performing for others. He took on a variety of opportunities, ranging from talent shows to jazz band concerts to house parties with his band “One Way Road”. At one point, Greg also gave the drums a try during a rehearsal with his bandmates and became instantly addicted. Although he didn’t have a drum set to practice on, it didn’t stop him from making beats on any surface he could find (much to his parents’ chagrin).

Greg continued to hone his talents in high school by studying music theory and further exploring singing and songwriting. But it wasn’t until his time at the University of Pennsylvania that he could make music a true priority. Joining the Mask & Wig Band, he picked up the bass guitar. Membership in this band provided ample opportunity to compose, arrange, and get comfortable singing in front of large crowds.

After graduating from UPenn in the spring of 2013 with a degree in marketing, Greg entered the workforce. But it wasn’t until almost a year later in early 2014 that he launched his music career and recorded his own music for the first time (Envision A World EP). For the next two years, Greg found local success as solo artist in the Connecticut and New York City music scenes, all the while maintaining his day job. Dying to bring his music pursuits to the next level, he finally moved to Nashville in early 2016 and dove in head-first, finally realizing that performing, more so than writing, is where his true joy lies in music. As a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter with years of performance experience, Greg has only just begun to make his mark.

“I know exactly what my passion is, and that makes me a lucky guy,” Greg says. “People who know their passion can put in the work required to reach goals without hesitation. That’s what I’ve been doing since I arrived here, and I don’t have plans of stopping anytime soon.”